Strawberries & Sweet Cherries

STRAWBERRIES: We are open for u-pick from 8 until 5 daily. U-pick strawberries are $2.25/lb. Ready picked strawberries on the stand are $4.00/quart. We are not taking orders for ready picked flats at the present time.

SWEET CHERRIES: U-pick sweet cherries will start on Saturday, July 1st. The price for cherries will be $2.50/lb.

Jun 25, 2017

Contact Us

Burch Farms
Phone: 585-392-2095

Opening Hours:
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: U-Pick 8am-5pm
Wednesday: U-Pick 8am-5pm
Thursday: U-Pick 8am-5pm
Friday: U-Pick 8am-5pm
Saturday: U-Pick 8am-5pm
Sunday: U-Pick 8am-5pm