Here are some valuable resources to help you get the most out of our fruit. Download nutritional information, or visit some valuable outside resources, all from the links below.

You know our fruit is delicious, but have you ever wondered exactly how good it is for you?
Burch Farms

Want to learn where our fruit goes when it leaves the farm? Learn about growing your own fruit? Find a farm to visit anywhere in the country? Check these links out.
Burch Farms

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Just got home and the boys are already digging in, “DELICIOUS!”

Elizabeth Carpenter

I managed to get to Burch’s several times despite living in Buffalo.

Beth Romeis Martin

Best apples this year from you — thank you!! Plus berries!

Barbra Ann

Brewing the infamous Apple Pie Beer with the world’s best apples from Burch Farms all the way down here in Virginia.

Brandon Smith

Got mine yesterday. they are great!!!

Sarah Carpenter Cameron