Our Crops

Our current farm production includes 110 acres of apples, 6.5 acres of peaches, 1 acre of nectarines, 3 acres of strawberries, 1.5 acres of sweet cherries, 1 acre of blueberries, and .5 acres of tart cherries, currants and gooseberries.

These are general, approximate dates which can vary from year to year depending upon the weather and other environmental conditions during the pre-harvest and harvest seasons. Please be sure to check the latest news updates here or on our Facebook Page or call ahead to ensure availability.

Strawberries: mid June through mid July

Sweet Cherries: July 1 through July 20

Tart Cherries: July 10 through July 30

Gooseberries: July 10 through mid August

Blueberries: July 15 through mid August

Black, Red, & Pink Currants: July 15 through mid August

Peaches (general eating): July 20 through September 10

Peaches (canning): August 10 through September 15

Nectarines: August 10 through September 15

Apples: September 1 through October 31

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